An intense gun control debate between Mary Katharine Ham and Juan Williams turned personal on Friday’s America’s Newsroom. The two were discussing whether federal legislation would have any impact on gun violence.

Ham pointed out that Chicago has some of the toughest gun laws in the country, yet has an incredibly high rate of violence. Williams agreed, saying that Washington, D.C, where he lives, also has tough gun laws and a high murder rate “because guns flow in from Virginia which has less gun laws.”

Ham suggested a deeper social problem may be at play in America’s cities because Virginia has fewer gun laws and less crime.

“In other words, my life and protecting my family means nothing to people in Virginia and I should be ignored?!,” Williams asked.

Ham blasted back, “Oh yes […] that’s exactly what I said […] I want to thank you Juan for putting that so accurately and disrespectfully to a friend of yours who you know very well cares very much about you. Thanks a lot.”

Watch the rest of their heated exchange below.