Scared and stranded -- The passengers of a crippled Carnival ship endured horrible conditions at sea, yet they're left with another cruise voucher! Where’s the justice? Judge Jeanine takes on the case, Saturday at 9p ET. Producer Christine Thoma gave us this preview of the hour-long investigation.

People worked hard to save enough money to go on a cruise during Valentine’s Day, only to watch their dream vacation turn into a nightmare. As the Carnival cruise ship Triumph turned into a real-life disaster, the passengers are trying to recover from a lack of food and water and a week spent suffering under terrible conditions. The company is offering them a refund, a future cruise voyage equal to the price of this trip, a $500 voucher.

Is that enough?

We’re going to hear first-hand from people who were held captive on this nightmare voyage, plus maritime attorneys on why their ability to sue the cruise line might be very limited. Should we change the law so passengers have greater power?

Plus, the Triumph had a history of mechanical problems. How can people know if the cruise they are about to go on is safe? There are lemon laws for cars, but nothing exists that can warn people the ship they are about to board may not be as safe as they would hope. Justice investigates. Tune in Saturday at 9p ET.