Some newly released video of "cultural sensitivity" training for Department of Agriculture employees is raising some eyebrows. On the tape, obtained through an FOIA request by the conservative government accountability group Judicial Watch, the instructor, Samuel Betances, tells the audience they should think of minorities as "emerging majorities."

He later told

the employees to repeat after him, and state that "every federal agency has discriminated against African-Americans, Hispanics, Native American Indians and other groups."

He also noted that the presentation was a "huge expense." Megyn Kelly discussed the latest case of questionable government spending with syndicated columnist Ben Shapiro and former Obama campaign consultant Marjorie Clifton. Megyn noted that the part where the workers had to repeat after Betances, appeared to be "a little brainwashy."

Clifton pointed out that the USDA does a lot of work with migrant workers and minority populations, making the training worthwhile spending.

"There's a reason that Fortune 500 companies, government entities, and nonprofits invest in this kind of training. Because it does actually impact the way a workplace environment works. There's data to support that. So I think spending in this area is important given the work that they do," said Clifton.

Shapiro was not as forgiving, however, saying the "repeat after me" part of the video reminded him of "Orwellian groupthink."

"We have Democrats out there saying we don't have a spending problem at the same time that you're watching this stupidity. It's so depressing, it sort of makes you wish that the asteroid hadn't missed," Shapiro joked.

Watch the discussion: