As President Obama prepares to travel to Israel for the first time, Huckabee is on the ground in the country getting answers about why it took the president so long to make the trip. The governor gave us this inside look at his travels through Israel and provided his perspective on Obama's policies toward the Middle East. Don't miss Huckabee, Saturday and Sunday at 8p ET.

"My first trip to Israel was 40 years ago this summer when I was just a teenager. Over the years, I've watched Israel blossom as a flower in the desert, while at the same time I've seen the virtual collapse of the stability of their neighbors due to their turning to increasingly radical Islam.

I've been in Israel the past week, renewing friendships, introducing a whole new group of Americans to this land I consider the true ally we have in that part of the world, and observing the stark contrasts between the progress in Israel and the ever-deteriorating governments in the region of the Middle East. Thursday, I met with Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu and was again reminded of this historically centered world leader, who is the Churchill of our day, as he clearly understands the dangers of a nuclear Iran and a volatile Egypt, Syria, and Lebanon. From the policies he advances and the weak selections he makes for positions such as Secretary of Defense in the form of Chuck Hagel, it would be fair to say that President Obama might turn out to be Neville Chamberlain."

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