Students and parents at West Liberty University in West Virginia are expressing concern and even outrage over an assignment handed out by professor Stephanie Wolf in which she told her students which sources they couldn't use in their research. While The New York Times, The Huffington Post and others were given the clear, The Onion and Fox News were the two outlets she said were off limits.

Robin Capehart, the president of the university, spoke with Megyn on Thursday's America Live, expressing his concern over the incident and telling her that "the purpose of a college is to have students go out and seek as much information as they can ... to have them inform their own opinions and be challenged on those opinions."

"As much as we will protect the academic freedom of a professor, we'll also protect the academic freedom of our students to go out and find as many sources as possible. So obviously, we were concerned," he said.

Read exactly what she told her students about Fox News Channel, and get even more reaction from the school president.