For the first time we've now heard from the couple held hostage by Christopher Dorner. Some reports have stated that a cleaning lady and her daughter stumbled upon Dorner

in a Big Bear, Calif., cabin that was vacant. But as William La Jeunesse reported earlier on America's Newsroom, it was actually the owners of the cabin, who now admit they may have even left it unlocked.

Police believe Dorner hid out in the cabin for days, right near a police command center, before the couple found him on Tuesday. Jim and Karen Reynolds showed up at their cabin to clean it up for the next renter. Dorner tied them up and put towels in their mouths and pillow cases over their heads. Eventually one of them broke loose and called 911 and Dorner stole their car in an attempt to get away. Dorner eventually died at another cabin after an hours-long standoff with cops.

Hear from the couple: