On Friday, President Obama is scheduled to travel to his old stomping grounds, Hyde Park in Chicago, to talk more about his proposals on gun violence. Michelle Malkin was on Fox and Friends this morning, weighing in

on the rising murder rate in the city.

During Tuesday night's State of the Union address, Michelle Obama sat with the parents of Hadiya Pendleton, a teenage girl who was murdered in Chicago shortly after participating in the inaugural festivities.

Malkin pointed out that Chicago continues to see its murder rate rise despite some of the strictest gun laws in the country.

"The Democrats and liberal progressives have had a monopoly on running that city into the ground, into a bloody hellhole for upwards of a century now. If you look at the top echelon of strategists, the consliglieres, the people that run the Obama administration, these are the people who have failed Chicago youth and Chicago families," said Malkin.

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