This Friday, Dr. Ben Carson will sit down with Sean Hannity and a distinguished audience in a special one-hour show that revolves around one idea and one quest: saving America. Tonight, the Insider - and ONLY the Insider - was able to catch up with Dr. Carson in the 'Hannity' green room right before the taping of the special. We got a preview of the show, and more importantly, got to ask him some of our own burning questions. Tune in Friday at 9p ET to this special edition of 'Hannity,' only on Fox News Channel.

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Insider: Over the past week, we've seen a national response - both positive and negative - to your criticism of President Obama at the National Prayer Breakfast. What's the one part of the intense reaction that has most surprised you? Dr. Carson: "Well, it would probably be the letters and email I get from elderly Americans, who state that they had pretty much given up on our nation, and now they feel that maybe there's a chance. [...] Just to know that we've sparked some hope in their hearts is just a wonderful thing. [And] I'm hoping this conversation can continue about rational things [...] There are just so many things that we do that don't make any sense ... but since the news media, for the most part, have bought into it, then these people who are actually rational start thinking, 'maybe there's something wrong with the way that I think,' and they just clam up. It's a problem." Insider: Your career has spanned many years, and you've received recognition for many renowned professional and personal achievements. But, what is your proudest achievement? Dr. Carson: "My proudest achievement is probably the Carson Scholars Fund [...] the incredibly smart, young people across this nation who also care about other people. Those people are going to grow up to be our leaders, I hope. But the question is, can we save [the nation] until they get there? I hope we can." Insider: Not long after your comments at the Prayer Breakfast, The Wall Street Journal had published an article with the headline, "Ben Carson for President." So the obvious question is - would you consider it?! Dr. Carson: "You know, I've been public speaking for 20 years now, and I've been hearing [that] for about as long. It's not something that I'm particularly interested in [...] It's not something that I would seek out to do. But more, to just be a voice that people can identify with and recognize that they're not alone. And maybe that will encourage other people to begin to raise their voices, too."