President Obama asked the Senate on Wednesday to confirm two members of the National Labor Relations Board whose recess appointments were ruled unconstitutional. Despite the U.S. Court of Appeals blocking the nominees, Sharon Block and Richard Griffin, the request for confirmation from the administration saw submission Wednesday.

Judge Andrew Napolitano weighed in on Your World, responding to Neil Cavuto on the overarching question of the case.

"That's not very constitutional, is it?" Neil asked.

Napolitano cited the president's State of the Union speech from Tuesday night as an example of what he calls a president who expects to be able to call his own shots.

"Last night, he sounded like a prince, or a tinhorn dictator who basically says to Congress, 'Do what I want you to do, or I will find a way to get it done.' That is not our system," Napolitano said, adding, "In our system, the president doesn't write the laws; he enforces the laws that Congress has written [...] He can't make them up on his own anymore than he can appoint these people to positions where there are not true vacancies."