On Tuesday evening, the manhunt for the fugitive ex-LAPD officer took a fiery turn as gunfire was exchanged between law enforcement and Dorner in the Big Bear area of California. Andrew Smith, Commander of Media Relations and Community Affairs for LAPD, gave remarks to the press in a news conference and recounted the day's events.

"Today at about 12:22 p.m. San Bernardino sheriffs were in the hunt for Christopher Dorner up in the Big Bear area. They received a call of a stolen vehicle in the 1200 block of Clubview Drive. When they responded there, they received information from the person reporting that this stolen vehicle was stolen by an individual that appeared to be very similar to Christopher Dorner. They immediately conducted a ground and an air search for this vehicle, and they were able to locate it at Highway 38 and Glass Road, where the suspect in the vehicle fled into the forest."

"Shortly thereafter, this individual barricaded himself into one of the cabins there, and an exchange of gunfire occurred. During that exchange of gunfire, two officers were injured. They've been airlifted to a local hospital; right now their condition is unknown. The Los Angeles Police Department has sent resources out to the San Bernardino County Airport. Our resources are waiting there for authorization from the San Bernardino County Sheriff's to assist them. So this is the San Bernardino County Sheriff's investigation, this is their lead. They have the incident command out there. We are there to support them only if asked."

Watch the full video, below: