More details are emerging on Pope Benedict XVI, including a new piece of health-related information which may have contributed to his sudden resignation.

Speaking to Bill Hemmer and Martha MacCallum from Rome, Fox News’ Shepard Smith reported on the latest news. “We now know, Bill, that the pope has a pacemaker, and has had a pacemaker for many years,” said Smith.

About three months ago, the pope secretly

left the Vatican in order to have the batteries in his device replaced, Smith added.

According to the pope himself, his advanced age is definitely playing a role in his decision to step down. “About a year ago, according to the Vatican newspaper, about a year ago [Benedict XVI] took this decision, after going on a visit to Mexico and Cuba and was just exhausted afterward,” said Smith, adding that the pope’s brother reportedly knew about his upcoming resignation for about a year.

The Vatican also relayed the news that Pope Benedict XVI will have no say in who succeeds him, and that he will live in a monastery at the back of Vatican City once he officially retires.

Watch the clip below for the rest of the latest information: