Terrifying video captures the moments when a California skydiver realized there was a malfunction with his parachute. Gerardo Flores blacked out while plummeting to the ground from a height of 13,000 feet. Trace Gallagher reported that Flores was documenting his 30th free fall with a video camera.

The video provides a firsthand look at his excitement as he jumps out of the plane. Suddenly, there’s a jolt and Flores states that the parachute opened up.

Parachutes are not supposed to deploy above 6,000 feet because the air is too thin and cold. Flores contemplates letting go of the first parachute and using the backup one. For a reason that is still unknown, he blacks out and falls for 20 minutes until he amazingly lands inside the drop zone.

Flores remained unconscious for two more weeks. He had a few broken ribs and other minor bruises. The FAA found in its investigation that a Velcro strap caused the parachute to deploy prematurely. The skydiving school, however, blames Flores for not having the experience to make that jump.