Newly released court documents suggest Christopher Dorner may have help hiding from police. The ex-cop suspected of murdering three people is currently on the run, and authorities were recently searching the Big Bear area in California.

Federal court records obtained may provide some clues as to why he was there and how he got off the mountain if he torched his truck. In the affidavit in support for an arrest warrant

from a U.S. Marshal, Dorner is said to have a “known associate” with the initials J.Y.

In his manifesto, Dorner calls Jason Young a great friend, husband and father. J.Y.’s family owns a cabin in Big Bear. The Marshal Service was tracking Young and saw his car near the mountain last Thursday. William LaJeunesse reports that this vehicle could’ve been Dorner’s ride off the mountain.

The affidavit also said there’s probable cause to believe he’s in Mexico, based on his unsuccessful attempt to steal a boat and telling the owner he was taking it there.

For more details and recently obtained video of Dorner by TMZ, watch the clip below: