Former U.S. ambassador to the United Nations and Fox News contributor John Bolton appeared on America’s Newsroom to discuss North Korea’s recent nuclear testing, along with what it means for the future of the country’s weapons program.

“They’re proceeding in a very systematic way, coupled with these tests of [their] ballistic missiles, obviously to develop a nuclear warhead that their missiles can carry anywhere on Earth,” stated Bolton.

Bolton then pointed to the previous presidential administrations for letting the testing get as far as it has. “This third test is just another piece of evidence, sadly, of the failure of

America’s efforts — through three administrations — to deal effectively with North Korea’s nuclear program.”

When asked what he makes of North Korea’s reasoning, which they called “a first response to perceived U.S. threats against the country,” Bolton responded, “It’s all from a standard North Korean phrasebook, blaming us for their nuclear weapons program.”

“The real issue,” Bolton continued, “is whether we’re going to take this seriously enough to do the only thing that, really, can eliminate this threat, and that is to work with China and others in the region to get the Korean peninsula reunified.”

Watch the entire segment (including Bolton’s remarks on Benghazi) below: