There’s a manhunt underway for Alberto Morales, a Florida prisoner who stabbed his police escort while being transported to Nevada to face sexual battery charges. Morales has been added to the Texas Department of Public Safety’s 10 Most Wanted list.

He was being held in Miami for assault, kidnapping, burglary and sexual assault. Morales reportedly became unruly on board the flight from Florida to Houston, bumping his head on other passengers’ seats.

He was not allowed to get on the flight from Texas to Nevada, so the two Miami-Dade officers escorting him rented a car. They drove from Houston to Dallas, where they were supposed to meet a third detective.

The officers stopped at a Walmart and one of them went inside. That’s when Morales allegedly broke the earpiece off his eyeglasses and somehow stabbed the officer in the car. The officer is in serious but stable condition. The U.S. Marshal Service is helping with the manhunt.