Megyn Kelly took on a hard-hitting question today posed by Fox Business Network anchor Stuart Varney. It was, of course: why do Americans use a British accent when imitating someone who is, well, "snooty"? The question came after Megyn moderated a segment on New York City's prestigious Dalton School.

"It's the same reason why when my friends the Brits use an American accent to sound ... pedestrian," she began. With that, she took to doing some impersonations of her own, claiming that the accent wasn't British but was, in fact, more "New England" high society.

The impersonations continued as she ended her show and tossed to Gregg Jarrett, filling in for Shepard Smith to host Studio B.

"That's sort of 'Long Island Lock-jaw,' isn't it?" Jarrett joked.

Watch the shenanigans: