In January, we told you about a Texas waiter who risked his job to stand up for a boy with Down syndrome. Michael Garcia refused to serve a customer at Laurenzo’s restaurant after the man made a derogatory remark about special needs children.

After hearing what Garcia did for five-year-old Milo Castillo, the boy and his peers at The Rise School of Houston put on a show for him. Garcia joined Fox and Friends to talk about how the outpouring of support has changed his life. He’s received thank you cards, gifts in the mail and donations – all of which he’s given back to Milo’s school.

Donations he's been given will go toward a scholarship for the kids.

“The children though are the real heroes,” Garcia said.” I don’t feel like a hero in any way, it’s the children.”

Garcia plans on volunteering his time at a homeless outreach center in Houston and will continue to help The Rise School or any Down syndrome organization.