In a Fox News Sunday exclusive, Senator John McCain (R-AZ) said he has “grave concerns” about President Obama’s nomination of Sen. Chuck Hagel (R-NE) for defense secretary. When Chris Wallace asked McCain if it’s fair to say he’ll be voting against Hagel, the senator answered, “I think that would be fair.”

At Hagel’s confirmation hearing, McCain grilled him about his opposition to the Iraq troop surge in 2007. McCain said today on Fox, “The fact is if we hadn’t done that more American lives would’ve been lost unnecessarily. So for Senator Hagel to say ‘we’ll let history be the judge’ -- he was there and involved, and I’m sure he’s wrong and he knows he’s wrong.”

There are some Republican Senators who have suggested a procedural move to block Hagel from becoming defense secretary. McCain maintained that Hagel needs to provide more information on unanswered questions, but he remained steadfast that, “we’ve never filibustered a presidential Cabinet appointee and I don’t think we should start here.”

For more on why McCain has concerns over Hagel, watch the clip below:

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