This past week, video of a teenage girl cursing at and flipping off a judge in Miami went viral. Judge Jorge Rodriguez-Chomat didn’t put up with Penelope Soto's behavior, doubling her bond and sentencing her to 30 days in jail. After serving four days in jail, Soto appeared in court and apologized to the judge. Her attorneys say she was under the influence of drugs and her remarks were inappropriate.

On Friday, Judge Rodriguez-Chomat told Soto, “I should not even hold you as totally responsible. We live in a society where if you listen to music, every other word is a profanity. We live in a society where young people like you

feel that it’s perfectly OK to call all kinds of names to their teachers, to their professors and their friends.”

He then vacated the jail sentence and if Soto can pay $5,000 bond, she’ll be able to leave jail. What do you think of the judge’s reaction and latest sentencing?

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