Ever wished you could have an expert at your disposal to field all of your legal questions? Well, now you do. In the Fox and Friends segment called 'So Sue Me,' Fox News legal analyst Peter Johnson, Jr. doles out advice to viewers.

On today's show, one viewer wrote in asking for guidance with a tragic case. After being diagnosed with liver cancer, he was finally able to receive a transplant, only to find out two weeks after the surgery that ... he never had cancer in the first place! Does this viewer have a lawsuit, and if so, against whom? Johnson weighs in.

Plus, find out what Johnson thinks of a case in which a girl severed part of her finger on her grandmother's wheelchair during a family visit. Should the family sue the wheelchair rental company, the manufacturer, or grandma herself?!

Have legal questions of your own? Watch the segment and find out how you could be the next person to get answers.