Wednesday was a big day around college football as many of the nation's top high school players decided where they will play for the next four years on National Signing Day.

Seems like a great day for all involved, right? Well, to quote Lee Corso, "not so fast!" A star running back in Florida named Alex Collins decided he wanted to sign his national letter of intent to play for the Arkansas Razorbacks. But his mother, Andrea McDonald, was not

so happy, preferring that he stay close to home and play at Miami.

She reportedly took the document and left the house so he could not send it to the university. His father, however, intervened and convinced her to come back and the document was eventually received. But the matter isn't going to end there.

McDonald has now reportedly hired late attorney Johnnie Cochran's firm to represent her as she attempts to have the letter of intent voided. Jon Scott took a look at the legal issues on Happening Now with former defense attorney Arthur Aidala and former prosecutor Fred Tecce, who said he does not see what legal standing the mother has since the father signed the document. Aidala pointed out that McDonald wants to see what was involved in the recruiting process to convince her son to go to Arkansas, including any inducements that would violate NCAA rules.

"Really this is big business and anything is possible. I'm not accusing anyone of anything, but big envelopes of cash under the table are not unheard of in any recruiting world. So she's just making sure everything was done above board," said Aidala.

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