On Fox and Friends this morning, author Charles Murray discussed how the country can address a class divide that he argues is being created through the higher education system, which he says heavily favors rich families.

Murray, who wrote "Coming Apart: The State of White America, 1960-2010," said the country has always had rich and poor people, but what has now happened is that "we have a new upper class that is increasingly segregated from and is ignorant of the way that the rest of America lives."

He identified four steps that

he believes should be taken to address the issue before students get out of college and enter the workforce:

1. Eliminate unpaid internships
2. Drop the SAT for college
3. Replace affirmative action

He said there should not be spots set aside at universities for students based on their race. He said the spots should be reserved "for working-class kids or kids whose parents don't have any jobs at all."

4. Prick the B.A. bubble

Hear Murray's explanation of his key points: