Have you ever wondered what would happen to your Facebook, Twitter, and/or email accounts if you were to die? Several states are looking into laws that would help in transferring your digital assets. Only five states have such laws on the books.

One family even had to go to court against Yahoo! to gain access to their loved one's emails. Peter Johnson Jr. discussed the legal issues this morning on Fox and Friends, explaining that people should think about

spelling out such arrangements in their will. Other options are just letting your loved ones know your passwords, or telling them where they can find them.

He said some companies offer services in which an email will be sent to loved ones in the event of a person's death, containing passwords and other vital information. Steve Doocy pointed out that some people would not want their family members going into their Facebook accounts or reading their emails under any circumstance.

"This is becoming the subject of more and more litigation, where email accounts and Twitter accounts sometimes are as valuable as the house that people live in. And they house as many memories, and sometimes as many secrets. So there's a lot of sensitivity," said Johnson.

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