The Congressional Budget Office projects that by the year 2022, 7 million Americans will not be able to keep their employer insurance program under Obamacare.

Juan Williams and Michelle Malkin debated the issue on Hannity.

Williams argued that projections reflect the fact that the Affordable Care Act will be implemented in stages. “What the CBO was saying was not everybody’s going to sign up right away and so some cases, you’re going to have situations where there’s a lack of coverage or there’s an increase in cost of coverage. That’s why there’s an individual mandate.” “Reality check,” Malkin interjected, “I may not be a ‘real journalist’

like you, Juan, but I’m not a Pollyanna either.

[…] Do you know the trends now of people who are shutting down their practices as they used to be constituted, dropping insurance altogether where now only the wealthiest can pay for care. Congratulations, Obamacare. Heck of a job.”

Williams responded, “You know, I’m just going to ask you to calm down a second and just think about what’s going on here. […] If you try to fix a system that’s badly broken, that’s driving big business to deficits. It’s going to take some time, there’s going to be some slip-ups.”

Malkin responded later on Twitter:

Watch the debate: