Jodi Arias, the 32-year-old Arizona woman charged with gruesomely murdering her ex-boyfriend, took the witness stand on Monday. Arias contends that she killed Travis Alexander in self defense after facing his chronic abuse.

Arias told jurors her life story, detailing a difficult, often bizarre childhood, and flat-out admitting to killing Travis Alexander.

Attorneys Jeff Gold and Arthur Aidala weighed in on whether Arias helped her case at all.

Gold doesn’t think so. “Not only was she robotic, she seemed like a psychopath to me. Somebody who could coldly say, ‘Yes, I killed him,’ as if she was a robot.”

Aidala pointed out that a defense attorney putting a defendant on the stand is a “desperation move.” Her attorney is hoping that one or two jurors will be sympathetic to Arias and lead to a hung jury. “She needs to crawl into the hearts of one or two of those jurors and beg for their sympathy,” he said.