Senator Rand Paul appeared on The O'Reilly Factor tonight to talk about gun control and even a possible run for president. Regarding the gun control debate between liberals and conservatives, Paul said, “I think we’re father apart on the gun issue, and I think we have made some good points. Even Piers Morgan is starting to listen a little bit.”

The GOP's stance, according to Paul, “is that guns are used for protection. That 86 percent of crime is committed by people who stole their guns or bought them illegally. And that really gun control ends up

affecting the price and the availability to law-abiding citizens but really does nothing to deter crime.”

Bill O'Reilly asked Sen. Paul if he believes that the president is trying to checkmate the Republican Party right now.

“I think he’s trying to avoid talking about the real subject that threatens our country and that’s the debt.” Paul said. “…They’re talking about these other issues now – gun control and immigration reform.”

When asked if he's considering a run for president, Paul answered, "I don't know yet, but we're thinking about it."