The FBI just released a photo of the underground bunker where Jimmy Lee Dykes held a five-year-old boy hostage for nearly a week in Alabama. There is a tent covering it to protect any evidence inside.

Another photo released shows the PVC pipe that they were using to communicate with Dykes throughout the standoff. They also used a cell phone to keep in contact with him.

Officials revealed that during the standoff, they put a camera in the bunker to monitor Dykes, though it's not yet clear how they did so. Officials also confirm that teams used a mock bunker to train near the site before they raided the real one.

Today, the boy’s mother, who wishes to remain anonymous, issued a written statement. She wrote, “For the first time in almost a week, I woke up this morning to the most beautiful sweet boy. I can’t describe how incredible it is to hold him again.”

Check out the report below:

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