Laura Ingraham was on Fox and Friends this morning to discuss President Obama's latest speech on the gun control push.

Obama appeared in Minnesota yesterday in front of a crowd of law enforcement officers who were there to show support for his proposals to reduce gun violence.

Ingraham dismissed the idea that police officers overwhelmingly support Obama's plans .

"For every law enforcement officer who agrees with President Obama,

we'll see him another law enforcement officer and raise him two more," said Ingraham.

She was then asked about Ann Coulter's remarks last night on Hannity, in which Coulter told Obama "screw you" for suggesting he cares more about children's safety than people who want to protect the Second Amendment. Coulter also said Obama and the media are lying about the issues, arguing that "universal background check means universal registration" and ultimately gun confiscation.

Ingraham agreed that universal registration is a "logical step" away from instituting universal background checks on all gun purchases, and added that the idea won't meaningfully reduce gun violence.

"This isn't effective. The idea that Adam Lanza or any of these other mass shooters were going to be stopped by a universal background check, it's just ludicrous. Whether their parents bought the gun or they bought the gun themselves legally, these are deranged people," said Ingraham, who added that the debate needs to include more about mental health issues and a "real conversation about family."

Watch the discussion: