Tonight on Hannity, Ann Coulter discussed President Obama's gun control push -- and she didn't hold back! Coulter said, “[President Obama] says if we want to do something to reduce these gun shootings all we have to do is for the American people to want to do something, like the hunters.” “No, we need the ACLU and the liberals who will not do anything about the mentally ill to be serious about stopping these shootings,” Coulter countered.

Citing the example of the former Navy SEAL Chris Kyle allegedly by a Marine with a history of mental problems and the young Alabama boy who was taken hostage by a man and just released today, Coulter said, “Connecticut, Aurora, Tucson … these are crazy people, that is the problem." Coulter stated, “Everything they’re telling you about what they can do about guns is a lie.” She said that universal background checks are basically in place now. “The only people who are not subjected to background checks are collectors giving guns to their sons or they're selling one to their brother-in-law or something.” Coulter said it’s a lie the government is telling people in order to prevent Americans from self defense. “It’s not just that they’re talking about it, it’s that they must demonize people who are legal gun owners and Obama, oh look at him, he cares about the children. Screw you! You think we don’t care about the children? You’re the one who won’t do anything about the mentally ill.” Watch Coulter's heated commentary below: