Chris Kyle, the former Navy SEAL credited with the most confirmed kills, was killed after allegedly being shot by an ex-Marine. Friend and co-author of ‘American Sniper’ with Kyle, Scott McEwen joined Bill O’Reilly tonight.

Kyle was apparently mentoring Eddie Ray Routh, a 25-year-old Marine, and helping him adjust to life after service. Routh was arraigned on two counts of murder after allegedly shooting Kyle and Chad Littlefield at a Texas gun range Saturday.

McEwen spoke about a foundation Kyle set up to provide

workout equipment and other tools to help veterans with physical disabilities and PTSD keep their body and minds in shape. He said Kyle would go to camps with veterans to go hunting.

“The last time I talked to Chris was last week,” McEwen recalled. “He was a busy man, he was doing a lot of charitable work, he was doing great work with the people that are out there.”