Addressing a group of law enforcement officers in Minneapolis, President Obama spoke about gun control measures. He laid out several actions that he’s already taken, and also said that the nation needs to look at root causes of gun violence. “We’ve got to look at root causes as well. That means we should make it easier for young people to get access to mental health treatment,” President Obama said.

He mentioned Gabby Giffords, the former Arizona congresswoman who was shot in the head during a massacre in Tucson. During last week’s Senate hearing on gun violence, Giffords said in her testimony that there no single solution. President Obama said today, “If we still had a ten round limit on magazines, the gunman who shot Gabby

[…] may never have been able to inflict 33 gunshot wounds in 15 seconds.”

The president stressed that gun control laws may be regional but a majority of gun owners do agree on universal background checks. While he spoke of an assault weapons ban, President Obama stated that there is no legislation being proposed to eliminate all guns or subvert the Second Amendment.