Harri Anne Smith is the state senator who has been with the mother of the boy just released from a hostage situation in Midland City, Alabama. She told Shepard Smith the boy’s mom has been cooperating fully with police throughout the ordeal.

“I think every mom out there would know how she was feeling if your child was abducted. But she was so brave and so strong. She was amazing, she handled this very well,” Sen. Smith said.

Today, Sen. Smith went to visit the mom as she was being whisked away from the building. “I kind of saw a little smile

and they said she needed to go, and she said ‘let me have a little hug.’ […] I kind of knew maybe things were going well. Immediately I heard rumors that she was being taken to be reunited with her son."

She added, “I know there’s a lot of hugs and kisses going on right now between her because they’re a very close family.”