Known as the queen of gossip since her first column in 1976, Liz Smith turned 90 years old today. She celebrated on Fox and Friends and even dished on some of her most famous celebrity interviews including Elizabeth Taylor and Nicole Kidman.

Smith traveled with Taylor over the world after the actress married Richard Burton. “She was funny and real and total big star, you know, without going out and singing and rapping and all of that stuff."

On their shared nickname, Smith recalled, “She thought that was loathsome.

She would always say how can you stand to be called ‘Liz’?”

Stars would open up to Smith, but she always thought she was the worst gossip columnist because she wasn't keen on spilling all their scandalous secrets. She joked that the phrase "don't print that" will go on her grave.

Reflecting on the late New York City Mayor Ed Koch, Smith said, “He would’ve loved his obituaries.”

Smith said, “Listen, the joy of the end of my career is to be a little part of this network.” Laughing she added, “I’m going on working ... till they find out I’m 90.”