On today's The Five, the gang devoted the show to this Sunday's Super Bowl 47. Find out their plans, what they'll be eating, who they're rooting for, and a whole lot more. If you missed a minute of The Five's countdown, tune in Saturday at 5p ET.

The Big Interview:

In this clip, find out what the co-hosts most want CBS anchor Scott Pelley to ask President Obama in the big Sunday interview:

Tips for a Fabulous Super Bowl Party

What’s the best recipe for your Super Bowl party?

For Bob Beckel, it’s all about the people. “Don’t have anybody there who thinks that they know something about football and they don’t, and they sit there and try to tell you about what’s going on when they don’t have a clue,” he cautioned.

Kimberly Guilfoyle likes to focus on the food, making a bee-line for the chicken wings, nachos, and pigs in a blanket!

Eric Bolling’s must-have is a really big, really loud TV and a surplus of cold beer!

Kimberly Guilfoyle enjoys some chicken wings on today's show in the pic below!