James Rosen provided a breakdown of the just-announced proposed changes to the ObamaCare contraception mandate.

Under the new rules, non-profit employers with a religious affiliation, such as Catholic hospitals and colleges, will be able to opt out of the administration’s mandate that ensures that all women have free access to contraception through their employer’s health care plans. If these rules go through, it will now be up to the insurer, not to the faith-based non-profit, to provide this coverage at no cost to the employer or to the employee.

In the case of the self-insured and student health plans, the religious non-profit will notify what’s known as a third-party administrator. The administrator will work with an insurer to arrange no-cost contraceptive coverage.

Rosen points out that the new rules would not apply to private sector companies that are owned and operated by people with religious objections to this mandate.