We're continuing to learn more about the man who is holding a five-year-old boy hostage in an underground bunker in Midland City, Alabama.

On Studio B, Shepard Smith talked to another neighbor of 65-year-old suspect Jimmy Lee Dykes. Jimmy Davis says he and his mother were shot at by Dykes in their truck - with his infant daughter in the back seat - after a confrontation with Dykes outside his property. Dykes was reportedly due in court this week on a menacing charge related to that incident.

Instead, police say Dykes stormed onto a school bus Tuesday, fatally shot

the driver and kidnapped a young boy at random. The boy, who is said to be okay as police negotiate with Dykes, is now being held in a bunker that is 4-feet wide, 6-feet long, and 8-feet deep. Police have been able to bring food, water, coloring books, and medication to the boy, dropping it in through a PVC pipe.

According to reports, Dykes is believed to have enough food and water to last for weeks in the bunker. Earlier, another of his neighbors said Dykes fatally beat her dog after it wandered onto his property and was often patrolling his fence line at night with a flashlight and rifle.

Davis described his scary run-in with Dykes, saying he's always seemed like a "weird person."

Watch the interview: