In honor of Black History Month the Ailes Apprentice Program is sponsoring a special series celebrating exceptional African Americans. Tomorrow morning at 8:20a ET, tune into Fox and Friends for Harris Faulkner's interview with gold medal winner Gabby Douglas. Harris gave us a behind-the-scenes look at
the interview below.

I’m in the elevator going up to the 14th floor of the building and mention to a fellow Fox News employee I’m on my way to do an interview. She asks with whom and I say Gabby Douglas. Her eyes light up! Exiting the elevator I notice a huge group of people. Lo and behold, I’m right behind of Gabby’s entourage. This girl knows how to roll!

Then, the meeting, the handshake, with Gabby. She is the most beautiful, petite thing. I guess that’s what a gymnast would look like, but she is so small and yet you can see she is so strong. She could probably lift me! She is very striking in person. I then meet her inspirational mother and her entourage, who could not be any sweeter.

Now the interview--we sit down and start talking. Chatting away. Cameras rolling. She answers every question. When it comes to a question she’s not quite sure about … she takes a deep breath, pauses and then answers. For a moment, I feel pride … like a Mom. Her mother is sitting about 6-feet from us off camera, watching and nodding as Gabby beams with personality.

It’s time for the burning question: Are we going to see the flying squirrel in the next Olympics? And she gives me her answer and seems to catch everyone in the room off guard.

After the interview, I get some prime time with Gabby’s Mom. I thanked her for setting such an amazing example of a hard-working Mom, lifting her children to reach their dreams.

In this interview Gabby opened up about her past and now moving forward, her future. We feature her for the tremendous, historic strides she's making in women's gymnastics--she's the first African-American woman to win Olympic gold in the all-around competition.

And Gabby’s vision and passion remind us that her victories on that world stage were for all Americans.