Michelle Malkin weighed in this morning on Fox and Friends on the controversy over a clip that ran on MSNBC and other stations in which pro-gun rights activists appeared to be interrupting the father of a Sandy Hook victim during testimony before lawmakers in Connecticut.

But an extended piece of footage shows Neil Heslin actually asking people in the room for comments on why anyone needs to own an "assault-style" weapon.

"It's a 17-minute-long video. It doesn't take a lot of time to sit there and see that what you saw was a very civil, respectful display," said Malkin, who added

that it was a clear case of "media malpractice."

She argued the clip was aired in an edited form to "fit the gun-grabbing media's narrative that those people who defend Second Amendment rights and who are law-abiding gun owners are somehow the worst enemies of this country."

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