A tense hostage standoff has been going on for over 14 hours in Midland City, Alabama. Police say that a man snatched a 6-year-old boy off a school bus after shooting and killing the bus driver. SWAT teams and the FBI have surrounded an underground bunker where the gunman is said to be holed up with the boy.

The gunman allegedly stormed onto the bus and demanded a child … any child.

One young eyewitness described the scene, saying, “We were dropping some kids off and then a man that lived next door to them got on the bus […] He started telling them he needed a kid because something about the law coming after him. And then he shot the bus driver.”

UPDATE, 1:25p ET: Megyn Kelly says reports describe Jimmy Lee Dykes as a possible suspect, but police have not confirmed that he’s a suspect. Dykes was due in court today on menacing charges for allegedly firing gunshots during a dispute with neighbors. Watch the report here.

UPDATE, 10a ET: Police have identified the bus driver. Martha MacCallum talked to a police spokeswoman a short time ago. Watch the interview, here.

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