Laura Ingraham weighed in this morning on Fox and Friends on the bipartisan immigration reform plan that was announced Monday, in addition to giving her opinions on President Obama's recess appointments being ruled unconstitutional, and the joint "60 Minutes" interview with Obama and Secretary of State Hillary Clinton.

On the immigration plan, which President Obama will speak about later today, Ingraham remains skeptical that border security will be a focus, despite the White House's statements to the contrary.

"Call me a cynic, but I do not believe that border enforcement is a really serious part of this deal so far. I think it's kind of throw-in to make people feel better," said Ingraham. She added that even though deportations may be up

under Obama, millions of people have been given the right to stay as long they want after the DREAM Act was implemented "through executive fiat."

Ingraham asked how any of these immigration reforms will help an already-strapped American middle class. She argued that many of the immigrants that will become legal are low-income workers, so they won't be paying enough taxes to offset the enormous cost for the government to provide them with social services over the next decade.

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