Greta Van Susteren sat down with Hillary Clinton as she steps down as secretary of state. On Iran marching forward with their plans to make a nuclear weapon, Clinton said, “Our policy is prevention not containment.” She told Van Susteren that there’s evidence the economic sanctions, both international and bilateral, are having an effect. “This is an unacceptable path that they must stop or action will have to be taken.” Clinton also emphasized the importance of keeping an eye on terrorists in Iran. “No one should have any doubt that in addition to the nuclear threat,

[…] we also have to keep an eye on stopping them from their terrorism.” The secretary of state said, “I’m in the trust but verify camp when it comes to Iran. This is what they say, they continue to say it but we have a body of evidence that points in the other direction. If that is true, then why are they developing a missile program that has intercontinental ballistic capacity? You know, why are they adding centrifuges and more enriched uranium as a result?”

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