In the second part of Bill O’Reilly’s exclusive interview with former Secretary of State Colin Powell, the two went head-to-head over John Sununu calling President Obama “lazy” and not a “real American.”

Powell said he doesn’t believe Sununu is a racist. However, he said, “You have to understand the impact this has on minorities throughout our country; and if you want to appeal to these people, if you want to bring them to the Republican Party and give them a reason to vote Republican, you have to avoid this kind of language which can infuriate people.”

The Factor host called out Powell for making Sununu and also Sarah Palin’s

past comments into a racial issue. Powell told O’Reilly, “You keep saying they’re appealing to their base, they’re speaking to their people. I think they have to speak to a larger group of people for the Republican Party to get back on the right track.

Powell said there’s a vein of intolerance within the GOP and added, “There’s a lot of things the party has to look in the mirror at and say is this who we want to be?”

Watch the video below to find out how Powell reacts to Bill's "rude" question:

PART I: Colin Powell Talks About Immigration in an Exclusive Interview on The O’Reilly Factor

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