Investigative journalist Jason Mattera confronted New York City Mayor Michael Bloomberg, asking whether in the ‘spirit of gun control,’ he would disarm his security team. Bloomberg quickly brushed Mattera off saying that his team would get back to him. Mattera kept pushing, but was quickly rebuffed by Bloomberg’s bodyguards.

The confrontation was caught on tape. Watch below:

Mattera sat down with Martha MacCallum on America's Newsroom to discuss his treatment at the hands of Bloomberg's security team. He said one of the men walked with him down the street as he left, asking him questions and even for his date of birth, which he refused to divulge.

Mattera said Bloomberg's stance toward guns is another example of his belief that he knows better than ordinary Americans, pointing to his ban on large soft drinks.

"He's a born billionaire. He wants to regulate our soda sizes, our salt content. ... This man thinks he knows best, not just when it comes to firearms, but when it comes to daily living. ... His response would be, 'Listen peasant, I know what's best for you, you don't know what's best for your own life, and you certainly don't know what's best to protect yourself and your family and your property from would-be harm and burglars,'" said Mattera.

Watch the interview: