A group of bipartisan senators’ unveiled the framework to reform immigration in the United States. The eight senators want to secure borders, reform the legal immigration system, make an effective employment verification system and create a path to citizenship for the currently 11 million illegal immigrants living in the U.S.

Tomorrow, President Obama is expected to lay out his vision for immigration reform. Sean Hannity shared his views as a conservative on this issue. He said it has been used a political wedge by Democrats for years, meanwhile, Republicans have been wrongly accused of not caring about Latino immigrants.

“Now let’s cut to the chase

,” Hannity said. “If we don’t secure American borders, we’ll never be safe as a country. This has got to be a top national security priority.”

He added, “This issue is a whole lot bigger than just people coming to America because they want opportunity, because terrorists cross that border, drug smugglers – they cross the border.”

Hannity warned Republicans in the House and Senate that any deal made with Democrats must include securing the borders. Otherwise, he said, “I promise you, you’re going to be back here 10 years from now and we’re going to be dealing with the exact same issues. And to be honest, I frankly have little or no trust in Senator Schumer, Senator Durbin and President Obama. You know, I don’t really think they want to solve the issue, I think they want to politicize it.”

Plus, check out Hannity's interview with Sen. Marco Rubio below:

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