On Studio B this afternoon, Jonathan Hunt brought us the latest details on the case of a wife and mother of two from Staten Island, New York, who has been missing for a week after traveling to Istanbul, Turkey.

Sarai Sierra, 33, was last seen leaving her hostel in Istanbul for dinner last Monday night. Her passport, clothes and phone chargers were left behind. Her family says she is a photographer who went to Turkey Jan. 7 to take pictures. She was supposed to return home Jan. 22, but her husband, Steven Sierra, says she never made it onto her scheduled flight.

She had been checking in with family members frequently and video chatting daily with her children.

Sierra’s sister received a text message from her on Monday morning, but no one has heard from her since.

Her husband and brother have traveled to Turkey to meet with U.S. officials in Istanbul and try to locate Sierra.

Hunt said police are focusing on a side trip Sierra took, traveling from Istanbul to Amsterdam, then to Munich, and back to Istanbul Jan. 19. Police are also reportedly looking at a person that Sierra may have been in touch with online during the trip.

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