On "60 Minutes" last night, Steve Kroft had the rare opportunity to sit down with President Obama and outgoing Secretary of State Hillary Clinton for a joint interview.

Fox News contributors Tucker Carlson and Kirsten Powers weighed in on America's Newsroom with their thoughts on the sit-down. Powers was asked by Martha MacCallum why Kroft declined to ask either of them a tough question. Powers slammed "60 Minutes" for continuing to act like a "campaign advertisement" for President Obama.

"It was really something you would expect from like, the state-run media. It was that kind of level of propaganda as far as I'm concerned. ... I can understand maybe in agreeing to the interview, letting them have maybe one softball question in the beginning and then move on to more important things. This was a joke.

Just not challenging basic things like the president claiming that Hillary's been a great secretary of state in part because they have dismantled Al Qaeda. Now, I'm sorry, is anyone paying attention to what's going on in North Africa? Why is the president not asked about Algeria, Mali, Libya? These are front and center in the news right now," she argued.

Carlson said the line of questioning from Kroft was not surprising, pointing out that CBS "sat on" a soundbite from President Obama from Sept. 12 - the day after the Benghazi attack - in which he stated that they did not know whether it was an act of terror.

"CBS did not release that to the public until way after it had become a major issue in a presidential debate. They, in effect, worked on behalf of the Obama campaign," said Carlson.

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