There’s a new report out raising more questions about the mystery surrounding the murder of JonBenet Ramsey. The six-year-old girl was found dead in her home on Christmas Day, 1996. The Daily Camera of Boulder, Colo. recently reported that then-Boulder District Attorney Alex Hunter chose not to prosecute Ramsey’s parents, John and Patsy, despite a grand jury returned an indictment in 1999 on a charge of child abuse resulting in death.

Fox News senior judicial analyst, Judge Andrew Napolitano said this is extremely rare. Usually, if a grand jury chooses to indict, then the prosecutors bring it before a jury to decide.

Judge Napolitano recalled that Hunter was under immense political pressure at the time.

“He may very well have just thrown all the evidence to the grand jury and said you guys decide hoping they would not indict so he could use that as an excuse and politically move on.”

It was well within Hunter’s discretion to not follow up on the indictment. “It’s a tremendous act of political and moral courage to say to a grand jury, ‘you indicted, not good enough for me I’m not going to prosecute,’” Judge Napolitano said.

The case remains open to this day. The indictment and the transcript of evidence presented to the jury have never been made public.