Greta Van Susteren is previewing her anticipated Fox News interview with Hillary Clinton. Read her blog below and tune in to On the Record, tomorrow at 10p/ 1a ET!

Tomorrow I will sit down with Hillary Clinton for an “exit interview” during her final week as Secretary of State. I’ve interviewed her many times over the years – starting when she was the first lady and on several occasions when she was a US Senator. During her tenure as Secretary of State, I’ve traveled with her to India, Pakistan, Afghanistan, Germany, Haiti and Mexico, so I have had many interviews with her.

My strategy going into tomorrow’s sit-down is

the same as every other interview I do with leaders – I want to draw out information and give the viewer a glimpse of the interviewee that you may not have seen or known. A Secretary of State stepping down is a historic moment and these are very serious times for Americans and for the world, so I’m eager to get Secretary Clinton’s take.

Make sure you tune in to Tuesday’s ON THE RECORD at 10pm/ET for the interview with Secretary Clinton!