Ted Turner, founder of CNN, has a son who is running for Congress … as a Republican. The liberal media mogul’s son is 49-year-old Teddy Turner who is running in South Carolina. He spoke to Bill O’Reilly and joked that his father asks him all the time how he ended up as a conservative. “I’ll tell you, four years at military college […] if that doesn’t make you a conservative, nothing will.”

According to Turner, his father became more liberal later in life as he started getting involved in environmentalism. He described him as

“tough” growing up, saying, “He made us work hard, learn the value of a dollar -- all the things that our dads should be doing today.”

O’Reilly asked Turner if he thinks his father would vote for him. Turner believes that he would. “I spent a lot of time with him in the last couple weeks and talking about issues and everything we discussed he agreed with me. [...] and it wasn’t because he was agreeing because I’m his son, it’s agreeing because it’s common sense.” However, Turner added, “We don’t agree on a lot of politics.”