Public punishment is a growing trend among parents. It’s when a child misbehaves, and so they’re publicly shamed as a form of discipline. In the picture above, a father punished his daughter for breaking curfew by putting his face on a t-shirt accompanied by the words “Try Me!”

Tucker Carlson said on Fox and Friends, “I believe in discipline. I think children need it, I think they want it. But putting your face on a t-shirt your teenage daughter wears is a recipe for deep resentment.”

Clayton Morris agreed that it’s important for kids to have structure and discipline. However, he said, “This to me seems like a failure of parenting.

Something along the way where he was like sort of hands-off dad. And then she turns into a teenager and she’s out there willy-nilly showing up past curfew, and now he decides to put his iron fist of dad down.”

Ainsley Earhardt weighed in, saying, “The most militant father in the world’s going to also have those kids that sometimes are not going to come home when they’re supposed to.”

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